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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Go to Your Room!

First, I must say, the comments yesterday, as well as the covert emails, 
were, in a word, AWESOME.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one who needs a do over!
So let's try this challenge again on Monday, shall we?
In the meantime...
Mom's move has a flurry of different things happening all at once!
You may remember my dream bedroom.
 I have a white iron bed, a basket hamper, and a white dresser.
I bought and hung new drapery rods a couple of days ago near the ceiling
 to elongate the look of my tiny windows.
 This artwork caught my eye, and it needs to be over my bed.
In other words, I need to create it a lot cheaper.
 Have you seen these?
 Frosted vessels with clear color on the inside and frosted finishes?
 The prices are daunting at $34 per hurricane,
but I have it figured out for $3.
I've wanted to try a hurricane with a concrete base for a while now...
And LOOK at these!
 Beautifully detailed sculptures at Target.
Sure, they're only $5.99.
I can do better.
 The first order of business was making a list of all the furniture in the room,
then measuring their footprints, sketching them it 6"=1square scale,
labeling them and cutting them out.
 I then sketched the room.
The wall at the top has a door to the right, so that's unusable space.
 To the right, the wall is all closets.
At this point, rearranging is a breeze.
Why go to all this trouble?

 It's easier to move this...
 ...and this...
 ...than THIS.
 Why does the room need rearranging at all?
Well, the highboy chest on chest in here is Mom's.
It's being replaced.
With what, you ask?
 300 plus pounds,
6 1/2 feet tall,
58 inches wide,
solid wood.
Salvation Army, $125!
I shall name it David Boreanaz.

 There's seven drawers inside.
And a shelf.
And a cat.
And yes, a cat bed.
Hey, why not?
 Bahamian plantation details will work in my beachy room beautifully.
 I've cut a second shelf to mount so we can add bins for T-shirts.
 I'm replacing all of the hardware to something with a little sparkle.
 A charging station can be hidden on the inside for grooming supplies, which I LOVE.
I've done a few things, like the new knobs, but I'll be fully outfitting it today.
Once I figure out where to put it, the fun part begins...
hauling this behemoth up a steep, twisting
1927 staircase.
Oh, my children truly love me...


Heather Rodman said...

*Giggle* What are kids for, if not a little bit o' slave labor? Lovely piece, and brilliant idea for rearranging a limited space- my husband will appreciate your insight on that, since we *have* to rearrange EVERYTHING every spring and fall. Just 'cause.

Dharma said... meant minions, calling them "children" gives them the right to whine about it. LOL

Sherri B. said...

Yes, that's what kids are for..isn't that why we keep them fed so well? xo

Susan said...

I was sold on your AMAZING find but the name cinched it! As a huge geek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, my family has learned to live with my various obsessions and our guests are amused and or terrified by the sign in the entry that reads 'autopsy room' year round. To be fair its positioned beneath a series of Buffy photos and one super, rare promo poster that have all been framed like beloved family photos-- after all, I see my family every. single. day. having a bunch of pictures of us around would be pointless.

This mindset has been met with grudging acceptance from the husband but our spawn has embraced my madness. Her new but not new wardrobe has been christened Narnia.