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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask Part 53!

 So, still afraid to tackle tile, or have I made it look easy enough?
 With the tile adhesive sheets, it's a cinch!
It's nothing!
It's simple!
It's a breeze!
...a whole different story when you need just a little bit of tile.
 Now you're grinding to a halt.
You tackled this not just for the bragging rights, but to save money!
And you're a little hesitant about buying a wet saw and having
 a $200 tool just hanging around, right? 
Renting will run you $60 a day.
That considerably changes your bottom line.
Wait a minute...
who the heck told you you needed one of those anyway???
Certainly none of the gang here at
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask!
Let's face it: we're cheap!
Come meet The Tool Chick's little friend.
 This, my Besties, is a tile cutter!
Low tech and simple, no batteries or power cords, this baby cuts 
through tile like a knife through butter.
It comes in different sizes depending on how large the tile you're working with is.
Best of all?
You're looking at a $20 investment.
Clean the change out of the bottom of your purse, check the couch,
and claim all loose bills in the dryer for yourself.
You're ready to tackle the project of your dreams.
Can it be that easy?
Let's find out.
(Always have a few extra tiles to practice on.)
 The low hanging round thing to the right is a very sharp cutting wheel.
Measure the size of the tile slice you need and mark your tile with a pencil
There's a ruler on the cutter to the left of the tile.
Match the mark on the tile with the measurement on the ruler,
slide the guide into place at the top of the tile, and screw it into place. 
 Holding the handle on the cutting arm, place the cutting wheel at the right of the tile.
 Guide the wheel across the tile using gentle pressure.
No need to go all She-Hulk on it, trust me.
 All you're really trying to do is slice through the glaze.
 That metal bar under the cut?
Super important.
The weird T-shaped dangly thing?
Also important.
Place the T on the tile and use the tool's arm to press lightly over the metal bar, and...
goes the tile cut!
That's right, destruction fans!
You have a cut tile!
And it gets easier and easier!
So place that perfectly cut tile into place in your project.
Step back.
Do a weird little dance if the kids aren't around,
or, if you have kids like the Minions, screw it,
they'll join in.
 Don't get discouraged.
In between this...
...and this...
 ...and this...
 ...there's gonna be some of this.
 Being perfect the first time isn't the point.
Not giving up and getting it right eventually is.
And showing Aunt Millicent you did NOT need Cousin Clarence to
come in smelling of salami and leaving the seat up to do your tile
for the "Friends and Family Discount"
is the REAL point.

I have relatives too you know!

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