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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Before, During, and After: The Guest Bathroom

It's time for the before and after shots!
Is everybody ready for the tour?
Let's start with the dated, drab, completely weird guest bathroom.
Mismatched fixtures, a color only found in the early 90's,
broken tile, and way too much furniture made it cramped and depressing.
 The tub was a rusting, peach nightmare.
All that bright brass hardware really set it off nicely.
Sometimes, it's hard to look past all of that.
But we did.
The tub went too, and we went shopping.
This was my first choice.
I think I would have taken a lot more baths during construction 
if I hadn't been out-voted.
But we did choose a deep, soaker-style sleek baby that looked good.
We took out the walls so that the drywall, electric, studs and plumbing could be 
brought up to code.
This was the only working toilet in the house, which meant that 
Mark's any my 30 year friendship reached new levels of closeness and trust.
Yeah, there's no wall there.
For three weeks.
"I need to pee. Go outside."
Mom had already chosen shower curtains, so we let that be our 
color inspiration.
The bamboo flooring headed in there first.
Then, we got really busy.
We chose the paint.
The walls went up.
I took too many pictures that included me.
The vanity came back in.
We went ahead and used a sink.
I mean, what the heck, right?
We mudded and sanded the walls...
...then swept them.
Time for the paint!
The light aqua went on first.
(Fancy light fixture.)
 And while I painted, Mark and Savannah started taping.
Because the redhead likes to play with her paint.
The stripes were painted gloss white.
 I should also mention I chose an interior/exterior paint for 
resistance to moisture and durability.
The shower and tub walls were painted the darker aqua as an accent.
 We needed to bring the darker color into the rest of the room as well.
 The white stripe was bordered with it for emphasis.
 Now, what will we do with alllllllllll that white?
 How about a stencil?
 The deeper color was perfect for this nearly free trick.

 Next, we had new popcorn blown in to redo the ceiling...
...installed the fan...
...and discovered that I take entirely too many "selfies."
But the first room in the house was completely DONE.
Do we like it?


La Vie Quotidienne said...

Great! You did a spectacular job. It looks wonderful.

Ruth J said...

That last 'selfie' was cute.... Oh, and the bathroom looks great. :D

Bambi said...

whoot whoot, clap clap clap looks great!

Michelle L. said...

The stencils add that poifect extra touch! I love that the whole thing was done around a shower curtain. Hooray for the fabulous new bath!

Jule-Ann said...

That looks amazing.

Heather Rodman said...

Yes! Just, YES.