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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stop Whining About the Clutter

 While you were snoozing on Sunday afternoon, the Minions and  I were knee deep in a dilemma.
 My hoarder-like stash of inspiration magazines that were avalanching in the living room.
They were a visual nightmare.
They took up tons of space.
Mom had no place to set a beverage on movie night.
Neither did I.
In short, this was not working.
We looked at those units that wrap around your couch like a low bookcase.
But have you priced them?
 However, if you call around, your local wine or liquor shop usually gives these babies away for free.
 And look! Just deep enough for magazine storage.
 This is like playing with blocks.
 Now for the real test: how much storage will this afford us?

We haven't bolted this together yet. We wanted to check traffic flow and the practicality of the configuration before we made it permanent.
But I have to say, for free, this solution has us all pretty pleased so far. If it works out, we have some finishing touches planned as well.
What would you do?


Mrs BC said...

What a brilliant idea! I bought industrial shelving for my giant magazine collection but this looks much nicer. I think they would be even nicer painted, when you decide on the configuration. Then you can make some coasters for your bevi's so you don't ruin the finish :)

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Free?? That's my favortie kinda project. And the fact that it looks stellar is just a perk. I see a uniformed darkish stain on all of them already....although why do I get a feeling some aqua spray paint is coming out to play? ;)

Vonda said...

I feel certain there is spray paint involved and I would bet it would be green or aqua!

Mikalah said...

That looks amazing! I didn't know liquor stores gave those boxes away... hmmm, I'm already thinking of all the things I could do with them!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Clever clever clever and it looks good. But wait, the local liquor store GIVES AWAY wood boxes? Holy cow, I'm going to camp out in their parking lot!