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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bee Serious for a Minute

 Bees seem to want to share the 2300 square foot trailer.
I am not fond of the idea.
 I was on a website that promised Dawn dishwashing liquid in a garden sprayer
 would get rid of the hive with little impact on the environment.
Hey, you know I'm game.
 Because this stuff can be scary.
 So we assembled our arsenal...
 ...and headed out to do battle in an area so over grown it was pathetic.
But who could trim with BEES???
 We went in deep.
 The hive and all arrivals were doused liberally.
The website we got this idea from, who will remain nameless, showed an apartheid type scene of total dominance over the bugs.
 We ended up with clean, wet, pissed off bees. Very much alive too.
 Disdain for this method was rampant.
 We thought maybe we'd tried the wrong Dawn. This variety left us with clean, wet, pissed off, antibacterial, great smelling bees.
Still not what we were going for.
Okay, time for Plan B.


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

It looks as though it also left you with a grouchy and questioning Savannah!

I happen to like the lush, tropical, overgrown look of that corner in the yard.

Sometimes you've gotta whip out the chemicals - and for me that sometimes is when bees are involved.
But time out - are they real bees or are they yellow jackets? Because if they're real bees you can usually get a bee keeper to come remove the whole hive for free! Bees are diminishing and are much-needed (though not in your backyard, per se) so bee keepers are happy to help.

Sherri B. said...

If they are honey bees, beekeepers are thrilled to come and get them. If they are the nasty things then I would get a professional to do it. We had some in our fireplace one time and they attacked me in my own family room...made a phone call and in a short while they were gone for good! Good luck! xo

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Not a fun project at all, best of luck:@)

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Eeeek!! No fun AT ALL :) We've had two thumb sized hornets get into the house this past week and I almost died hahaha. Lots of shrieking, broom breaking etc

Good luck!

Chelsea said...

Yikes! Well, at least they smell nice, now.

My mom always used the broom method, which usually worked but made a pretty funny spectacle: my mom, no makeup, hair in curlers, in a bathrobe with slippers, cursing and yelling as she swings a broom around wildly in the air. If you decide to attempt this method, just ensure that no neighbors are watching to save yourself the embarrassment that my family faced, haha. ;)


Nikki said...

Oh dear you seriously had me giggling like a mad woman!!! LOVE IT!! Hope you get it cured!!

~ Nikki

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Wow, good to know this method is not effective! The last thing you want is pissed-off bees... nice-smelling or not. Good luck with plan B! (Or should I say, plan "bee")