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Thursday, August 18, 2011

House Hunting

With so many projects left to do around Chateau Inferno, sometimes I get discouraged and
think of chucking it all.
Wouldn't a new, perfect house be a delight?
What would you do if you woke up each day, and there was nothing on your agenda except sunning by the pool and choosing a new place for dinner?
Pretty flippin' sweet!
So we hopped on a boat Tuesday night and cruised the intercoastal to see what properties were up for grabs.
Wanna join us?
 The right transportation is key to get you in the house hunting mood.
You guys hop on board while I check the lottery tickets.
 Make sure the property is in good repair with water access for those emergency swordfish runs.
 Adequate parking is important, and see if the community limits the 
spaces you can allot if you're throwing a bash.
 Separate guest quarters. Be still my heart.
 I like the His and Hers entry stairs, although I think it's conducive to racing.
If I had 12 million dollars worth of house, you'd be able to SEE it.
 I will bet money this gazebo did not come in a box from Target.
 This yard is just screaming for a couple of gold painted concrete lions, don't you think?
 What do you use turrets for these days anyway? Warding off castle attacks?
 This is a little plain, but I think some nice plastic flamingos would raise the curb appeal. Or wharf appeal.
 On the bright side, mowing the lawn takes 10 minutes.
 I think I could finally get some privacy here.
 "Savannah, you're cleaning bathrooms one through four, Thom, you have five through nine..."
 I'm not walking around naked in this house.
"I'm running to the grocery store, do you need anything?"
Let's turn around and head back in.
 The ultimate corner lot.
Hide and seek would be out of control here.
I wonder how much of this space they actually use?

This is more in my price range.
Trust me to find a trailer anywhere, huh?


Dharma said...

I would so be outside that glass house just to see if they did indeed gad about nekkid :) Thanks for the tour! I'll take the guest house for January, thanks :)

tessica said...

thanks for the tour!

Bella @ Bella before and after said...

OH WOW, those are out of control. What do you do in a house that big, seriously. There is ONLY 1% of me, that would be kinda excited to live there, and then I'd get over it, lol.

I want to live in an EARTHSHIP more than anything,,, yup.

That was fun though Sunny, for a second I thought you were really moving he he.

Hey mama have you checked out my giveaway. MAYBE you'd like this one, OR two, he he. Come see!!

Hugs, Bella :)
**$5 for every LIKE giveaway** @ Bella Before and After
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Musings from Kim K. said...

Great eye candy! It's certainly fun to dream. Imagine the possibilities of hosting a Halloween bash in one of those houses!!

Unknown said...

We can dream, right? Those houses are amazing! (but I cringe thinking of all the cleaning they'd need)


Vonda said...


Michelle L. said...

"Lt. Worf, that house needs wharf appeal. Make it so."

Carol said...

Don't tell my boss, because she would KILL me, but I secretly love the trailer. I would vintage that bad boy up and don't you know it has to piss off the neighbors! In Waco, we celebrate socioeconomic diversity with 3,000sf homes next to 950sf falling down shacks. Seriously.


Christie describeHappy said...

Oh yes, what if!! You had me cracking up at emergency sword fish runs!

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Wow, those are some amazing properties! A little too much house for me though. ;) Ah well, it never hurts to dream! I suppose if you were rich enough to own one of those, you'd probably have enough $$ to hire someone to clean your house, too.

Tammy said...

That was funny! I like you tast in names. My 5 year old is named Savannah. Beautiful name.