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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Horrors of Landscaping

 So, it actually started with my best friend posting pictures of his sickeningly manicured backyard on his Facebook, and then me meandering outside to face this.
I had to admit it. I had garden envy.
This area had fallen into despair for a very good reason: we had a beehive move in.
Did I mention I'm allergic?
We'd read on another blog that a fertilizer sprayer attached to your hose and filled with Dawn dishwashing liquid would quell honeybees.
It doesn't. It makes clean, really pissed off insects. 
However, just a tip, if a shiny, great smelling bee happens to sting you, gently scrape the stinger out with a credit card and then put the juicy surface of a freshly cut onion on the area. Oddly enough, it obliterates the swelling and redness.
And yes, we field tested this. The sacrifices we make for you on this blog.
 As we got closer to the hive, the pile on the curb grew.
 And this guy shooed me clear of danger.
 We went ahead and dug out the overgrown ornamental grass bed on the patio to put in something a little more spectacular.
 Wells, as always, supervised and did the detail work.
 Those roots need to be dug out completely you know.
 Samwow wrapped the roots in wet newspaper and transported them to the front yard, where another project was in progress.
 Savannah decided to take a gratuitous amount of Feline Overlord photos, 
because, well, let's face it, the cat's cute.

 But I digress.
 Thom and Savannah were at the front weeding the walkway and prepping the beds for the grasses...
 A little weed blocker fabric.
 Some lovely plants to divide up.
 This will dress up our pitiful walkway a bit.

 And voila! We're getting somewhere.

What we need now is a gallon of terra cotta paint.
Hey, where did everyone go?


Dharma said...

Looking good everyone. (felines included)...can I just say how cool your car is ;) Invite me down, I'll paint!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Lookin SO good :) The onion is a great tid-bit of knowledge. We have millions of bees, and wasps, and hornets....

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Good work, Sunny and family! I love your fountain; does it work? Can't wait to see what pretties you decide to use in that area:)

The White Farmhouse said...

We just got back from Florida, but I will gladly come back to help paint! The walkway looks great! I like the grass along the side of it. You might want to check out concrete stain instead of paint though. It will seep into the stone and not peel up like paint. You mix a bit with water and put it in a sprayer. Easy peasy! Cheaper too!

Heather said...

Things are starting to look great. Is that your car parked in front? I've been eyeing the KIA. If it is yours, are you happy with it?

lisbonlioness said...

Sunny, I don't get it. Proper don't get it. You have teenagers and your house burned down. That's ... like ... the two biggest devastations I could possibly imagine. How come your life is not in ruins? Your cats are ridiculously cute, your kids are beyond words, your husband is pretty much (by all accounts) the sweetest lad going, the house looks like the kind of place I want to live in and "What's blooming" makes me want to cry when comparing your loot to mine.
To cut this short, would you like to adopt me? I'm only 33 and house- trained, a wizard with a spray- paint can and not too bad at commandeering feline overlords. Purr- lease?
To cut this short, let me rephrase the whole babble as a "hats off" to you and your troops. It might sound flat, but you guys are an inspiration to me. Thank you, thank you so much! (I want to be like Vannah when I grow up, but that might prove an unsustainable dream)

La Vie Quotidienne said...

The grasses along the path look great! I like the fountain too. You guys always seem to get so much done!

Mrs BC said...

I love it, great job! I especially love that your whole family cheerfully gets to work, getting things done as a team. Go, team Rehab!
x said...

Looks fab! Love the grasses and the walkway!