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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cat Project

Hi, I'd like to order a dull moment, with a large side of nothing to do. 
Supersize it.
 It was a beautiful, chilly South Florida day
 The evening before, I'd had the treat of meeting my bloggy buddy,
for a little libation and conversation at my favorite watering hole,
Whiskey Tango.
(If you're ever in Hollywood, FL, email me, we'll do fried pickles!)
We'd had way too much fun;
but do you think two women with daily blogs got a photo?
 15 minutes later, this was my view, and my day included IVs,
subcutaneous antibiotics, rectal bleeding, transfusions, and a special diet.
And for once, it wasn't ME.
 This is Arthur, who got her fool self poisoned.
I will refrain from showing you anything leaving a cat at the speed of sound
 Special food, a dog training crate, and a nasty paste we have to shoot in her mouth
three times a day have resulted in this.
 So my project today is a live cat.
Results may vary


Heather Rodman said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. Been through similar, thanks to a *nasty*, evil neighbor. I dearly hope that this wasn't an intentional poisoning! Be well, Arthur. That sucks.

Michelle L. said...

Poor kitten! I hope you can get her through it, what a terrible thing to happen. Wishing you and Arthur all the best, may this turn out to be your best project yet.

Julie-Ann said...

Poor baby. I hope this passes soon and he can resume his overlord duties.