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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's on the Table

Well, Mom is now firmly in love with Home Goods, and I think Samwow and I may be headed back there tomorrow to make the first purchase on her behalf for the mother-in-law cottage that's in the planning stages.
 My mother's lovely homes have always been decked out in weighty Ethan Allen furniture and antiques. Her octagonal dining table seats twelve. That's great in a formal Victorian home. A tiny beach cottage? 
We'd have to butter it to get it in there.

Keep in mind this will be the first time in her life she'll be decorating a home strictly for herself.
 But Mom isn't one to let something minor like a diminutive domicile or the inability to walk daunt her, and besides, how stinking cute is this little bistro set for $150?
 I'm leaning more toward the blue one; I love the details.
 All those scrumptious little gingerbready curlicues look like a girly coastal place to me.
 She thought the green set looked more comfortable, 
but I Goldilocksed them both and saw no difference.
 The matching side tables are entirely too cute. She's going to have her own little covered porch, so this would be a great versatile piece indoors or out.
 We also stumbled across this little set with a marcasite-like finish.
So which way do you think we should lean?


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love me some Homegoods too!! All three sets are adorable!! I'm partial to black but I like the blue for coastal living!!

lisbonlioness said...

I'm with you on the blue set, love the curly wurly swirly things!
Just think of the possibilities as far as cushions are concerned... drool...

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

We JUST eyeballed these exact sets last weekend :) Im a fan of the blue myself. Its so cute that she loves to decorate!

Debbiedoos said...

My heart starts skipping a beat when I go into home goods. I loved that blue table.

jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Where do I lean? Blue or Green!
Where do I lean? Blue or Green!

It sounds like a chant to me. Haha. Love the tables, but can't choose between blue or green. This sounds like an awesome project you're embarking on!

Melissa said...

HomeGoods rocks!

I love all of the sets, but if it were for me, I'd probably choose the black one. Hmm...but I have been really into blue in decor lately. It's too hard...I can't choose!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm a sucker for blue right now. How fun that your mom is getting to decorate her own special place. I wish we had a HomeGoods near us. Maybe it would be too dangerous on the wallet.

Heather said...

I vote for the blue one! Love it! I'm trying to figure out how one color would look more "comfortable" than the other?? Aren't mothers hysterical? Wait, I'm a mother too...

Unknown said...

I have no doubt you love the blue one best. But I love the curls on the marcasite one. And I'm a sucker for shine and shimmer!

. said...

I'm normally more of a green girl...but this time...that blue one is absolutely fantastic!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh gosh... I do like the blue one alot, but I'm really drawn to the black one, too! Tough call!


Unknown said...

yes, I pick D-all of the above :)

Carol said...

All three are adorable, but the marcasite set is calling my name! It must be my dark side coming out. ; ) I was also eyeballing the iron-looking accent tables on the aisle in the background(photo 1).

I can't wait to see this new adventure, as I have always wanted to have something to decorate just for myself... and I just got one.(Blog coming soon)

Miss you!!!


Be Colorful Coastal said...

I would sell my children for a Home Goods store. It would nice to have one even in the freaking STATE. I live in Iowa why?????
Love the table. I am a green girl though so I will let you have the blue one but save the other one for me will you?