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Monday, December 28, 2009

Something for Sylvan

Am I obsessed with lamps?

Define obsessed....

My dear friends the Reillys had been unable to find bedside lamps for their weekend house, known as Sylvan Run, and since they know I'm a little lamp-nutty, the husband of the duo asked me for a pair for Christmas. These are people who can afford anything. So here I am, challenged with creating something up to their standards on my budget.

Step one: Create artwork

Step two: Gather your gear. You will need

1. Pattern

2. Clear contact paper

3. Two vases to use as the bases

4. Fine tipped Sharpie

5. An exacto knife

6. Glass frosting spray paint

7. Two lamp kits

8. One teen aged daughter and enough duct tape to cover her mouth if she's a whiner

Trace your pattern onto the contact paper using the Sharpie. You'll need to do this twice. Make it look like the hardest part of the project. Wipe your brow and squint a lot. Once this is done, carefully peel the backing off of the contact paper. Lay it over your vase and smooth it into place, flattening any air bubbles that affect your pattern. Next, explain to your teen-aged daughter that you're exhausted from the really difficult stuff and get her to use an exacto knife to cut away the part of the contact paper that will form your stencil. Using plastic cling wrap, cover the rest of the exposed glass so that only the part you want to spray is left.

Spray the vases according to the manufacturer's directions and let dry over night.

The next morning, all that was left was peeling off the contact paper, then packing and shipping!

2 vases from Home Goods $7 each
2 lamp kits $10 each
2 of those wonderful bargain shades from Walmart $3 each
Glass paint $7
Totally Cool Receipt: $47

With a LOT of paint left over, I might add. Now, what can I use that on...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing! I especially like step #8

Jen @ said...

What a fun idea! I love how they turned out! Thanks so much for linking up to my party!


Unknown said...

Love the technique you used. I will have to remember that. They turned out beautiful!