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Monday, December 28, 2009

Cake Stand In

NEVER take cookies to a friend's house in a ziplock bag! C'mon, people, where's your creativity?

This really is the simplest, least expensive trick ever. Hit the Dollar Store, Walmart, yard sales, or Goodwill, and snap up those great orphaned plates and bowls. (I keep Goop on hand as you all know, which dries clear and water tight.) I like to use bowls because they're much sturdier than the candlesticks I've seen in some projects.

Run a bead of Goop along the bottom of the bowl. (Feel free to use more than one bowl as the base, setting the bottom of the next bowl on top of the first for a more elevated plate!) Put the two pieces together, allow to dry, and then fill it with cookies, candles, river rocks, potpourri, or anything else your heart desires!

The Budget News? A measley $2. And it was the perfect transportation and accompaniment to a batch of vegan oatmeal cookies baked to golden delectability by my multi-talented daughter.

1 comment:

LoriD said...

This is genius... and so inexpensive, you can just leave it at the party and make a new one the next time you need it!