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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let There Be Light

I had two buffet lamps that I had just taken from a dated 90's finish to a matte silver with a little spray paint. I had even replaced the shades with some black silk ones I found on sale. All they needed then was a little rewiring, and the lighting in the dining room would be perfectly ambient.

They were, of course, in the room that caught fire. Ever seen a melted lamp?

I'm largely undauntable, so off I trotted to Walmart, where I scored these lovely candlesticks in the oddest shade of red for $3 each, and the matching snoozer shades for $3 as well, so $12 for the pair. I can work with that.

My handsome spouse looked up from World of Warcraft while I was taping the lamps just long enough to suggest I use clinging plasting wrap instead of newspaper. The man is a genius. Wrap the wrap, tape the ends, and you have a totally paint-proof seal. These went out in the yard for three light coats of Spa Blue to perfectly match the other accent pieces in the house.

Next, I took bead trim by the yard and wrapped it around the bottom of the shades to determine how much I'd need, giving myself an extra inch. This comes on a ribbon. Depending on the ribbon's appearance and your taste, it can be afixed inside or outside the shade. I did a project similar to this with a funky hot pink ball fringe for Savannah's room, and the trim went on the outside to give the shade a finished effect. For this, I ran a thick bead of hot glue inside the shade, working 4 to six inches at a time, and pressed the ribbon carefully into the glue, keeping it uniform. Don't worry about those gossamer little glue-webs, they clean up easily when you're done.

This dries almost instantly, so within the hour, I had some new buffet lamps!

The Budget News:

2 lamps from Walmart on back-to-school clearance: $6
2 shades from the same collection: $6
Beaded trim by the yard from JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts: $5
My favorite shade of spray paint: it only took half a can, so let's say $2
Totally Cool Receipt: $19

I can't wait until the electricity is back on in that part of the house to see how they look!


Kelly Muys Wood said...

that saran wrap tip is very useful! i'll be remembering that one!


Life in Rehab said...


Thank you! And thank you for sharing your URL. I've been perusing your handiwork and getting some great ideas!

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

You have a way of find great lamps for cheap! This one is beautiful too!