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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Constant Views

When a good friend spotted an old window leaning on the trash can in someone's front yard, she immediately thought of me, pulled over, threw it in her trunk, and brought it straight to my house the next chance she got.

In other words, I'm now having trash delivered.

Not one to disregard the usefulness of anything, I stashed and hung onto the battered old window, waiting for inspiration to hit me, which it did at the next Coconut Grove Art Festival.

I saw a fantastic hanging piece that was an old double hung with a painted view of the beach through it. I was in love with the work itself, but not the $600 price tag.

A.C. Moore had just the view I wanted. I found a great print of a beach chair on sale for a mere $3. I then measured the full window opening. cut the view I loved on the poster using my quilting grid board (those come in handy or a lot more than quilts), and taped it to the back of the window. With the addition of a sawtooth hanger, I was done.

Or was I?

There was a good portion of the poster left, and I had some unused frames lying around. I found two that would just fit the leftover poster and spray painted them white. While that was drying, I positioned the glass from the frames over slices of scenery that would compliment the window, namely a stretch of sand and some surf, which I marked lightly with a pencil and cut.

Once the frames were dry, all that was left was to position and hang the trio!

Yes, yes, I know, the walls aren't done. Hey, the insurance check came today, so chill out, I'm getting to it! And yes, those cabinets are newly painted in Spa Blue, thank you.

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