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Friday, January 17, 2014

Ready for a Challenge?

Of course, I owe you an explanation.
My life took a few crazy turns.
Let's talk.

First of all, I've always prided myself in being a real, imperfect blog.
Life is not always rainbows and sunshine,
but it's your job to enjoy whatever you get dished, right?
My mother is in her home, fully renovated.
I have a new corporate job that eats a lot of my time.
I'm home, and dealing with the neglect that comes with three years
of the Momma being out of commission.
And Sam and I split up.
Relax, we get along fine.
I don't believe in not continuing on as a family.
The biggest change?
The boys joined their sister at FIU!
empty nest.
My autism spectrum sons have their own studio apartments
so they can have solitude and privacy to keep their academic scholarships
in a good state.
So here's the challenge:
Unlike my newlywed real life bloggy buds Jane and Ryan
which shows you decorating tips for a rental space,
Thom and Samwow have limited options, issues,
and REALLY different styles for two guys who have bunked together
for 20 odd years (seriously odd years).
Samwow is doing his space in black, white, and khaki.
Thom asked for a tropical pallet  of orange, blues, and green.
And here's what we're working with...
 We have a less than stylish shower...
 ...a living room with luxurious furnishings...
 ...a relaxing bathroom...
 ...copious formal dining space...
 ...a newly updated kitchen...
 ...a study with a tranquil atmosphere...
,,,and a bedroom that provides tranquility after a long day.

Is this a bigger challenge than our whole house remodel?
Sweet mother of God no.
But we do have to make this space home.
On a budget.
A TIGHT budget.


La Vie Quotidienne said...

I admire your ability to see the best in every situation;I think you are simply amazing.

It's nice that the boys each have their own space and with your combined talents I am sure their quarters will soon be just what they both want. It's always impressive to see what you accomplish.

Unknown said...

Oh, wow...that's a lot of "suddens". Big hugs from Casa Rodman, and here's wishin' you a LOT of luck and inspiration on the new living spaces for the boys. YES, efficiencies/studios ARE harder than a larger space, esp. with the limitations on permanent changes...really, really looking forward to seeing what you do, you crafty thang! :) (Bet you do bettern' what I did with that kinda thing: concrete block bookcases, sarongs as wallhangings...LOL!)

Michelle L. said...

Gulp. *mich takes deep breath and sniffs hard, then smiles* So you and the whole family are off on multiple new adventures - my most intense good thoughts heading your way, and I know you will come out victorious on every front. I am really happy about the two cute baby apartments - they are just the most wonderful blank slates, how much fun are you guys gonna have with those?!?!

Love to you, Sunny - I am taking those quotes to heart, by the way! They are wonderful. M

Kay said...

Wow, we must be on the same wavelength somehow (scary). I was just thinking this morning that you hadn't posted in a while. Nice to have you back. And good luck!

Unknown said...

I'm glad to see you're back and staying positive too! I'm sure you can take whatever curves life throws at you!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm glad to see you're back. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your two amazing minions. I'm sure it'll be fabulous. You really are a trooper. Extra HUGS!!

Dave Blues said...

If there is any woman that can take this and knock it back on its' butt, it's you Sunny!

Happy Birthday too!

Joliet Jake

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

We're thinking about you guys and hoping everything on your plate goes as smoothly as possible.
Now on to the borrowed spaces!
I'm clearing out a ton of my fabric stash so I can get focused on what is needed for my shop. Going to send you pics and see if you can use any of it. Also, if I have a few manly pillows - want them? Just let me know!

What a challenge you have!! I wish I lived close and could help.

Life in Rehab said...

Manly pillows? Fabric stash? Jane, you had to ASK????