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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Little Update

 I know, we did it again.
 And I'm sure you were looking for us.
 We really haven't had that much to show you.
 I mean, this ramp was designed by an engineer and 
is on a blueprint with different elevations and quite frankly,
I have no idea what Mark's doing half the time.
 There are post anchors set in concrete with expansion bolts.
 A lot of them in fact.
 Posts attached to things with metal plates.
 Everything triple checked to be level.
 Framing inspections passed.
 Slopes determined.
More concrete poured.
And then things started flying.

 The planks when on, with surgical cuts in places.
 Do you like that little bevel cut?
Pretty slick, don't you think?
 Mark didn't miss a trick, even making sure Mom could get to her spigot.
 That was his own touch.
 We have the reveal on this project tomorrow..
Today, we'll be doing a test run with Mom's electric wheelchair.
And do you see those broken, old, and missing pavers?
There's a little surprise coming in the morning that my mother has no idea about.
So don't miss it!


Cindy Nettles said...

Glad to see your post! Missed them in my morning read :)

Julie-Ann said...

We missed you. I love the Peeking Duck!