Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birdbath Bling

Learn this now: I'm cheap. I wanted a birdbath, but I also wanted something unusual, and I definitely wanted inexpensive. So a quick trip to Walmart was all I needed to gather the following:

14 inch terra cotta saucer $7
12 inch terra cotta saucer $5
Three 8 inch terra cotta pots $1 each
Apple Green spray paint $2.67
I bag of flat backed glass marbles $1.99

I always keep Plumbers Goop on hand. It dries clear, is waterproof, and stays slightly flexible, so it's the perfect adhesive for projects like this.
First, spray the inside of the large saucer with Spa Blue spray paint and let it dry. Next, assemble the three 8 inch pots as shown with the large saucer on the bottom using Plumber's Goop liberally. You want this to be a very sturdy seal. Let this dry as directed. Next, spray the whole thing Apple Green using three thin coats to avoid runs. Let dry completely.

Now it's time for some bling! I used a few shell shaped flat backed marbles for the top row, and aqua clear marbles for the rest. These are also applied with Goop, holding each one for about ten seconds. See if any of the children lying around your house are bored and invite them to volunteer for this.

Ta Da!

 I did the shells around the rim of the 14 inch saucer, a spaced circle of the aqua marbles around the center pots, and then a tight ring around the base, but you can be creative and use as much or as little of the shiny stuff as you want. Let this set for about an hour, then flip over your birdbath, find the ideal spot in your yard, and enjoy! Total cost, under $20.


  1. That is so cool. Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.

  2. Fabulous idea! I need one of these in my garden. Thanks for linking up at my Spring party!

  3. What a fun project. It will be pretty in your garden. I don't dare have a bird bath cuz of my kitties, so I make tables in stead.

  4. How cool! I'd love to have a bird bath like that! I might just have to give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey girl, I wasn't even blogging when you posted this, NO wonder I never saw it. Thanks for linking back to it, so we can check it out. Good thing, is it looks like it's held up very well, over the years, so that's totally cool.

    I'm featuring this on my facebook, and on Pinterest girl.

    I might make one of these too.


    Bella :)

  6. My 9 year old and I made this yesterday. She did not want to paint it so we just put the stones on it. She loved doing it and it looks so fun. And it was so easy! Love easy!

  7. Hi, Sunny. Sonja here. I signed up as a "follower." Would that help the "no reply email?" I will send you a picture 1) when we glue the beads back on as the adhesive I used did not like water 2) when the storms decide they have had enough and move on, and 3) when I figure out how. Have a great dry day.

  8. Hi Sonja, I'm afraid being a follower won't fix the email, but there's a link to instructions in the news section right under my header. Let me know if you need any help. You can email me directly at

  9. we made this today....thank you for giving us such detailed list above......gave your site credit for the idea too.....

  10. What kind of glue too keep it together?

  11. Can we use the plastic flower pots ?

  12. If you fill the bottom pot with sand it will be more stable.

  13. Will the paint hurt wildlife when they drink from it?


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